Coronavirus update

Updated 13/05/2021 In light of the recent developments around the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to assure our customers that we are still able to deliver furniture…

Alternative workspaces

As organisations become flatter and more tech-enabled, alternative workspaces are emerging as a rapidly popular trend. Standing height desks are a firm favourite in this space, providing a different way to collaborate to the traditional boardroom format. They also offer significant health benefits, with employees being given the choice to sit or stand.

How to design a sustainable workplace

Recent years have seen climate change and the importance of eco-friendly practices placed front and centre on the global stage. Just last month consulting firm, McKinsey, released a report underlining the need for companies to take immediate action. This has led to a demand for greener ways of working in the business world, in an attempt to minimise its negative impact on the environment.

wall decoration

Feature walls

Feature walls are a fun and inexpensive way to convey a company’s identity. Ranging from branded vinyl graphics and printed workplace rules to story walls and framed testimonials, these aesthetic additions are able to chronicle an organisation’s journey and culture, while injecting character to even the plainest of spaces.

recreation room

The impact of culture on commercial design

The best workplaces align with the organisational culture of a company. They reflect the firm’s story, values and aspirations, and say a lot about the people who work there. Achieving this desirable workplace is no mean feat, but the benefits it promises makes the effort all the more worthwhile.